Why Join?

We believe the need for this kind of connection and fellowship among pastors is apparent.  These are just some of reasons we want you to be a part of The 6:4 Fellowship:

  • Satan seeks to discourage and isolate renewal-oriented pastors.  All of us, networked together, is a powerful tool to counteract his strategies.
  • According to Focus on the Family, 1500 U.S. pastors are leaving pastoral ministry every month due to church conflict, moral failure, marital stress, family issues or personal problems.  We must connect, challenge and pray for one another as we seek to finish strong in our ministries.   
  • In the last 15 years, we have spent $500 billion on church growth efforts with no appreciable impact.   We cannot continue to rely on methods and ministry tools to get the job done.  We must return to the supernatural source of pastoral leadership through a resolute commitment to “prayer and the ministry of the word.”
  • Church attendance across America has decreased 12% in the last decade. Only a Spirit-birthed revival will turn the tide.    
  • As pastors go, so goes the church.  As the church goes, so goes the nation.  It is time for pastors to coalesce together with a united call to the clear priorities of New Testament leadership.

This unique fellowship cuts to the core of our pastoral calling: prayer, the word and the mobilization of the saints in ministry.  We hope you will join us!